You can easily make someone fall in love with you with your kind behavior and gentle actions. If your love is true for them, then He or they will surely feel your love in any way.

Many astrologers in the world have suggested different ways in information by which someone can rectify that whether someone loves them or not.

If you are struggling in a situation where you love someone immensely but the opposite person is not loving you back, then you can perform this Dua to make someone love you. He or she will instantly start loving you within a short period.

Dua To Make Someone Love You
Dua To Make Someone Love You.

Dua to make someone love you

One-sided love is very painful sometimes because the opposite person is not appreciating your love efforts and dedication. It is very important to show them what you feel about them. But sometimes it is not as easy as it is to hear.

So in this case we have brought you a powerful and impactful Dua to create someone’s heart by which you can easily make the opposite person fall in love with you. It will ensure that the person whom you love immensely will start showing interest in you within a short period. Even if your proposal is rejected in the past, this will not reject it in the future. He or she will start showing respect and care to you and your thoughts.

Steps to perform the dua

Clean your surface.

Read the durood sharif 11 times before prayer.

Now read surah Fatihaby remembering the face of the person.

Make someone fall in love with you

If you love the person immensely, then no power in the world can separate you from each other. Your marriage will surely take place within a short period if you follow all the rituals that Allah has given. If you want to make the bond between you and the person whom you love immensely, then you have to do this with all your mind and clean heart. You have to be positive and blissful by remembering the person whom you love. The same attitude and affection will start shooting from his side if you follow this process sincerely.There are a lot more other benefits of performing this Dua which you will know after some point of time in your life.

Steps to follow in this process

Take a cold shower and start reading the durood sharif 15 times.

Now read any of the surah Fatiha 20 times to create a bond between you and that person.

Now you can read the durood sharif again. Also, eat a sweet dish after reading the duo so that the connection between you and that person becomes more effective. You will start noticing that the person has started showing interest in you and his love care and affection towards you have increased with the passing time.

This feeling will never be forgotten by you and you will remember this feeling for the rest of your life. To maintain this relationship, you can apply this Dua once a year again.



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