It is very important to have someone in your life whom you can adore for the rest of your life. Sometimes it happens that you love a person immensely but then that person stops showing interest in you.

This hurt you so much and you wanted that person back in yours. It Becomes the purpose of your life that you find that person at the right time before you lose interest in them. There are a lot of things which you can do to hold them back with you but many few of them will work effectively.

It will not help you to find the perfect soulmate of your life in a very short period. This means now you have to make a Dua get someone back in your life.

Dua To Get Someone Love Back
Dua To Get Someone Love Back.

Dua to get someone back

The kind of love you are having with the person will decide the intensity of your relationship. This means thatThe soulmate you are searching for will be fulfilled with your love intentions and affections.

Sometimes it becomes the most difficult question that how to get someone back in your life when they don’t want to come. But here a very powerful and impactful Dua is brought up for you people which will change the mind of the opposite person in such a way that they will start loving you in a very short period.

Steps to perform this dua

You have to take a jar which is made up of glass and you have to Poor honey in it when there is a full moon.

When the full moon ends, then you can take out the jar and by remembering that person, you can read surah al Fatiha no. 5 you get someone back in your life.

Surah to get someone back in your life

You have to perform this dua for the consecutive three days in a very slow manner because it will take time to convince that person whom you love immensely.

The damaged relationship can be converted into the most beautiful relationship if you do dua with pure intentions. All the misunderstandings I will be finished and both of you will start loving each other more than ever before.

Your communication in love will start again and you will be able to share what you feel about each other. It will not take more time beCause this Dua is believed to be effective by many Islamic scholars who have done great research on it.

You will surely see the positive outcomes of the dua after you recite this Dua because it will clear all the doubts and confusions which are taking place between you and the person whom you love very much. You just have to follow the given instructions with sincerity.

First, remember Allah by reciting Durood Shariftake a very silent place where you can read the Surah.

After the is you have to recite the al-tawbah eleven times and then you have to remember the Allah SWT for great impact.

After performing this Dua, you will be able to observe the change in the behaviour of the opposite person. You can also do this every month if you want more change and more results within a short period.



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